I am firstly, a beloved, joyful, thankful child. I belong to God, and He loves me which drives everything I do and think.

I am curious. I like to think. I don’t understand half as much as I’d like to.

So I write to know more, to see more, to learn more.

I am a daughter- to a mom who has survived, thrived and crushed the toughest challenges life could possibly throw at her, and a dad who has modelled hope.

I am a wife to Andrew- who is my complete opposite, and just what I want and need in life. Love and loyalty run deep in us.

I am a mom- to Olivia- a peppy, joyful, inquisitive kid who never ceases from making me smile. Even when she is having a “tween” moment.

I am a mom to Alexander- curious, bright, compassionate, spiritual- he never stops praying for me and believing in God’s goodness. His wrestle with ADHD makes us all learn patience and grace.

I am a mom to Hudson- smart, sassy, cute and stubborn. His health journey has pushed us all deeper into finding meaning and purpose in life. And I know that there is healing- because of Hudson.

I am  intent on encouraging those who need or want it. Life has many storms, and I believe we are more resilient than we know when we are deep in troubled waters.

If you are reading this blog, I write because I mean for you to know two things in my life:

Ordinary days are filled with God. There is no divide between sacred and secular. We can see Love, Hope, Peace, Joy, and Goodness in every moment we face.

Love (which is the ultimate goal/command/rule/joy/measure) is only seen when it’s in action between people. And I mean to be challenged each day to see how I live transformed by Love as I action it to my kids, husband, neighbours, strangers, enemies and church.

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