Overwhelming Goodness.

Yesterday Andrew and I were on a stage with mikes and got to tell our stories.

What an incredible opportunity! We SO wanted our voices to resonate, to connect, to be relevant and real!

Because we serve, are filled with, and love a POWERFUL, GOOD God.

And we want to honour Him!

And it’s His story at work in us that is so unique, so captivating, so compelling.

The worship team proceeded us, and the songs they chose just wrecked me with gratitude.

“Glorious Day” is one of my favourite songs because it talks about how a dead man was called to life by Jesus and he leaves his tomb behind in a hurry!

How I know this truth! My heart was dead, and then it was alive! And I left the old me behind in a real hurry!

But when you are dead (especially in those ancient days) you were wrapped tightly. The wrappings on your body kept you, covered you, and weighed you down.

And I saw for the first time that in that story, Jesus asked the people around the newly-alive man to take the bandages off him, to free him! John 11:44


We need each other to help rip the bandages off. This is the work of the people of God- freeing, loving, providing, aiding and living in the full colour world of truth outside our our graves.

When you could only see darkness, there were actually a world of colour, love, and miracles.

When you could only feel bindings, there were actually warm hands, rough bread, comforting hugs awaiting.

When you couldn’t walk because your feet were tied, there were actually sandals that fit and endless adventure around you.

The story we tell after we meet Jesus is GOOD NEWS.

We can see what He sees. Feel what He feels. Know what He knows.  And go with Him as He brings dead to life.

Today I woke up to a normal day, but His goodness ran over.

I have cried tears of thankfulness all day.

We have One who actually fights for us. We have One who understands us. We have One who cares about the details. We have One who prepares for the situations we face. We have One who doesn’t answer us as we want, but as His goodness says. We have One who is always faithful (He’s got it.) when my best intentions fail. We have One who mercifully is always bringing us up before the Father, talking about us, crying with us, loving on us, being with us, confronting us, transforming us.

And as if that wasn’t enough, the tangible goodness has been rolling in…

Parents who sacrifice, love and support their kids in their adventures. So selfless!

Understanding and incredible friends on all sides.

A church family who welcomes us forward, and a church family who graciously pushes us onward.

A thoughtful gift with a prayer journal for the journey.

A administrator who loves with the biggest heart possible, and sees deeper.

A family doctor who offers to care for us in our new home.

Dinners offered with love, notes of encouragement, prayer blankets and hearts following Jesus together.

How is it possible to live in a world full of pain and brokeness, and have your own pain and brokenness but still be surrounded, poured into, lavished on and totally overcome by the GENEROUS goodness of Jesus?

Can we say Miracles still happen every moment of the day?

I know that much of this is because of the people who are building in the Kingdom of Jesus- unraveling the fears and shining light in the dark places.

So get out there people of God– getting unraveling each other!!! The day has come! It’s full of TRUTH and GOODNESS!

He is good. Let that sit with you today.

(And here’s my new favourite song!)



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