A little different.


Just a quick laugh today!

Apparently, this is how 10 year old boys feel banana bread should be sliced. 🙂


And if I backed up a few years, this would have set me off. We would have had “slicing-demonstrations” and “lectures on respect for all” and “heart-healthy portion size discussions.”

Today? I took a photo, laughed and moved on.

Because he did it himself. He took initiative. He got dressed, made a lunch, ate a breakfast and got on the bus all in reasonable time without complaining.

Thank goodness.

The backstory here is that our youngest son has a brain tumour, asthma, low iron and sensory processing issues. Lately (given anxiety about our upcoming move) he’s really, really, really struggled to get his socks on.

(Like, screaming for 2 hours every morning kind of struggle.)

Socks hurt. They scratch. They are too tight. They slip. They are too loose. They aren’t soft enough.
We have compensated (and spent too much!!)- no socks, socks that have no seams, socks that stay up and never slouch down, the same socks day after day, socks that haven’t been washed, and finally today, socks and shoes to sleep in.

(I think we should move to Florida. Flip flops year round?)

Yup. Socks and shoes to bed last night. (Uncomfortable anyone? Is the idea of dirt in their clean sheets giving anyone a constricted chest?)

It does for me. I don’t like it at all.

But I love my kid. And I want him to win. I want him to wake up and walk out the door dressed, happy and full of victory. I want him to be confident that socks don’t own his life.

So, shoes and socks on. (And guess what? It worked! For today anyhow.) He left this morning happy and joyful, feeling like a winner.

And that’s why pie-shaped banana bread makes us laugh. Because we see them winning. Trying new things, learning independence and we get to watch them with joy. Delight.

(and, we wish we would’ve thought about slicing it that way– really, he got the best piece!)

Mama’s and Papa’s– there’s lots to feel worried about, but most of it is not as big as we think.  Laugh more. Again. It’s ok to smile!  (and not run downstairs and clean the sheets right away.)

(and if you have more sock ideas, feel free to let us know!)


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