Isn’t it true that how you see the things you face changes how you face them?
This week, I had to take Alex and Hudson to the GP for their flu-shots.
(Now before you go debating the merits of the flu-shot, just know that I have a child who has a brain tumour and respiratory issues and has spent far too long in the hospital. For our family, it works.)

Nobody likes getting a needle. But even if you are the parent of a child who has regular injections, there’s something very emotional about subjecting your child to painful procedure.

But it’s what love requires. I’ve been asking myself most days now, how to really love the people around me.

And it’s hard, because as I look, I realize that my value-system has been skewed. Broken.

I don’t value things rightly, and so I make strange judgements about what love should or shouldn’t look like.

And, most of the time, I’m too soft. I don’t look ahead enough to see the consequences of my actions. I just want to do the kind, easy thing in the moment.

(Mostly because I value immediate peace over long-term gain…

I think I need a value-system upgrade.)

The flu-shot helped. I sat with my kids, watched and held them as they learned to lean into fear and walked right through it. It was so healing.

Instead of sheltering my kids from pain (normal response from me) I actively placed them in a situation where pain was inflicted, and then felt like CHEERING from the roof tops as I observed them find strength to walk THROUGH the pain.

They became just a little more confident about navigating hard things. Just a little more sure that they could make it. That they had what it will take to get through. Kids know life is hard.

It is certain that difficulties come. What we all need, is to know that we have what it takes to weather any storm. And that we’ve done it before, and can do it again.

Your kids have more than you know. You have more than you know.

Sometimes Love means we have to remember that they are in God’s hands, and He has got a handle on their lives. Pain, storms, life, it’s all part of the process.

But so are hope, joy and laughter! The thing about flu shots, is they are meant to keep my kids from a great pain.  The purpose is for hope for good to come. A good winter season. A good time at home, not the hospital. A good deep breath of air without coughing.  So we willing walk through suffering knowing that Good is in it, and just around the corner.  We see provision in the pain.
Isn’t it great that John says that God is good? He’s in the moment, and around the corner? And that He is the one who has complete understanding of everything, so only He can fix/provide a system of value that will make sense in our storms?

What about you? Does your perspective on the difficulties you are facing need an update? Do you need to remember that you can weather this storm? You’ve done it before, you can do it again! And if you’ve never done it before, Jesus has. You can anchor to someOne if you find it’s all too much.

(Love also required me laughing as Alex decided to be a ninja at the Costco checkout! Enjoy!)



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