The Next Move. Just say yes.

After this, the word of the Lord came to Abram in a vision:

“Do not be afraid, Abram.  I am your shield,  your very great reward.”

Genesis 15:1

Last Christmas, Andrew and I started to feel a change coming. We had no idea what the change was going to be, but we knew if we took the time to search for God’s directions, He would be the One to tell us what was next.

So we did. While we were in Florida during our winter holidays, He spoke to us and asked us to resign our pastoral position as Family Ministry Pastors at Plattsville Church. 

He didn’t tell us anything else. Just to resign.

So with heavy hearts, we did. (We LOVE Plattsville!!!!!)

Then came the uncertainty, and wondering what was next.

But we know that the best thing to do is just say YES. Just say Yes to God.

And then came the next step. (He really does light our path, one step at a time!) 

We said YES to a position for Andrew as the Executive Pastor at Bethany Community Church in St. Catharines, beginning in April of 2019.

(If you want to check it out look here:)

Our family is looking ahead to what God is doing for us and through us with certainty that He will provide for us, and will direct us each step of the way.

Involving the kids (because a sweet friend reminded me that our family is a team– these kids are awesome listeners to God!) was so perfect.

Alex woke up in the night with a song, and told us that God says “Go”  because  “where You go, we will go, where You stay, we will stay, we will follow You Jesus.”

And with that, all the kids have hopped onto to this adventure ride with us. They said “Yes” too.

(Hudson is still hesitant- he isn’t sure that our furniture will make it to the new house. 😉

And now, (in a new way)  we will rely on Jesus who is faithful, who is God with Us, and begin the slow process of final renovations on this church house, and the packing that goes with a move.

(The painter comes this week, and I have to move lots already– always a mess before beauty. Isn’t that the way of life?)

This decision has been really hard, because we LOVE everything about our current situation.  It has seemed strange to us to move, because we had finally settled in and found a community we adore, friends who we don’t want to live without, a school which has been great, and neighbours that we never want to leave. This has been a dream home, dream life, and yet….

You can have everything you’ve ever wanted, but when you hear God calling, it stirs your spirit and you can only do two things: harden your heart to not hear or leave everything and do what He asks and trust He is who He says He is. He is good. He is Love. So we have hope expectantly that He holds us as He always has.

So, God has called us, and we WANT to be obedient. We said “Yes.” 

These choices are hard, but Andrew and I deeply know that that we are all living eternal lives. These 80 years will fly by in a blink, and then we will spend eternity understanding the love, grace and care He lavished on us as we moved with Him.

As for  practical plans, we will most likely move after our kids have completed the 2018/2019 school year in the end of June. We’ve got a house to finish and sell, business to work through and a few holidays upcoming.

And, if you would like to join with us, we would love for you to pray the same blessing Abram received from God over our family. That He would be our shield, and He would be our very great reward in this new season. And that He would do the same for the friends and neighbours who we love so deeply and have to say good bye to. 

Big love,

The Epp Family (Andrew, Gen, Olivia, Alex and Hudson)




3 thoughts on “The Next Move. Just say yes.

  1. Hi Gen, So it is true. Wow! God is really up to something special for you but especially with the kids. This is the second family I know where the kids heard the LORD and it confirmed what they were to do and got everyone on board. Blessings!!!! He really wants all of us to be (family) teams wherever he calls us to. Will miss seeing you all and what you are up to in making the church such a lovely home.

    Love Kathy >

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