I write this today for a friend. I thought I would respond to her personally with this note, but then I realized- perhaps many more friends find themselves facing impossible, exhausting odds and needed to hear the same encouragement.

Yesterday I had one of those days when there are just too many bad news (or possibly bad news) stories coming my way. Many affect me very personally.

I just about to drive home when I got the hardest piece to digest, and my heart just unraveled.

Whatever resolve I had crumbled and my “need” to go into “panic overdrive” started revving me up. I thought ‘I am too tired. I have nothing in me to rise to these occasions. How will I put a brave face on and be a source of strength and encouragement when I have no answers and am so very unable?’

Maybe you’ve had a day like that recently. Maybe you are facing seasons upon seasons like that.

I wanted to call a friend and vent. But that would have left me feeling even more powerless.

I wanted to binge on netflix, to forget. But that would’ve left me feeling guilty.

I wanted to go home, hug my kids and bury myself in my family. But that was a temporary fix. When you live with a kid that has a brain tumour, you always know that life is just a puff  of air, and people relationships can’t sustain you for your whole life. People come and go.

I decided to do what I have learned the hard way, through Hudson’s journey with this brain tumour he carries. (For new readers, my 6 year old was diagnosed with a tumour when he was 3 and that rocked my world.)

Friends. There is only ONE path to take that leaves you feeling better, stronger and encouraged. No matter how tempting chocolate, netflix, more work and texting friends can be, make your FIRST pit stop talking with with the Lord.

There is a strength that rises up inside of us, as we realize that we are but dust, completely dependant on God, as our life SOURCE outside of us.

I cried out in the car, and made my first action in that day an action of worship.

I told the Lord that I was weak, that I wanted to worship (believe in and look to them wholeheartedly for help) the doctors reports, the hospitals cures, the worry that rose up, the facts that I knew.

I asked Him to be the One that gave me His report, His knowledge, His perception and His way through.

I asked for the strength to serve, to pray, to listen and encourage.

A picture came.

Friends, there is a pillar, a white, strong, beautiful pillar rising in the middle of your swirling chaos. It is like iron, it can not be beaten by the wind, the waves or the earth shaking beneath it.

It is like having a core strength that holds up all the rest of you. The six pack that never fails.

Christ within you. The HOPE of Glory.

His instructions today are this:

Isaiah 30:15 (I say this, because I have now run into this verse in about 30 different contexts over the past 2 months, so it’s definitely for me and maybe for you!)
” For this is what God says…

In repentance (turn to Me, drop the stuff you rely on. Are you worshiping something or someone else? Is something bigger than God to you? Do you spend all your time thinking, all your money, and all your hope on something other than God?),

and rest you will be saved. (The word saved here is translated as VICTORY, freedom, deliverance.)

In quietness and trust is your strength.

(Quietness: tranquility, repose, not being harassed.) (Trust: confidence,hope, a sense of resignation that there is nothing more you or anyone else can do. God must be the One.)

But you were not willing.”

(Willing: obedient or desiring to do something.)

Rest. Repose. Quiet Trust. Unshakeable knowledge that IF you desire to put God first, worship Him regardless of the hurricane banging at your hearts door, then HE WILL DELIVER.

He will (more importantly to me for the moment) BE my Strength.

He will make a pillar rise within me, that is a result of my trust and belief in the One who delivers, brings victory, saves and sets us free.

And that pillar will be a testimony of His faithfulness.

If your resolve to carry on crumbles, no worries. Put your Trust in God, and leave it there.

Return to your calling, your vocation, your reason for living, your job as a worshipper of God. Leave the results to Him.

He will carry you through.

Isaiah 46:3-4

“Listen to me…

You have been borne by me from your birth, and carried from the womb;

Even in your old age I shall be the same,

and even to your graying years I SHALL bear you!









Rest in Him my friends. Strength rises from the One who carries us. He has done it before, will carry us through, bear us upwards and will deliver us from the Evil One.

If I can pray for you today, knowing that God delivers, cleanses, frees, heals and give victory, leave me a note and I will do that.

It is my joy to lift you in Faith to the Father who has been SO good to us.

Big hugs to you all! It’s hard, but we are the only people in the world who don’t have to strive. Just rest as God fights for us. The hard work is in the purposeful trusting.



4 thoughts on “Resolved.

  1. You are a great counsellor Gen. Thank you for letting the Lord use your talents for His good! Love you sweet girl!💖

  2. Again, Gen , you speak , in beautiful, powerful words of God’s Truth . And I need this reminder right now also …. “ be still and know that I am God “ …. Isa.
    be still…. cease striving…. and rest in Him who is IN you…me . Awesome Saviour.

    Shalom in Jesus, precious friend . Love, Cassandra
    ( I always look forward to your posts ! Thank you )

  3. Thanks, Jen. This old, white-haired girl can attest to the truth of what you say. I came upon, and memorized, the passage to which you refer (Is. 30:15 and on) many years ago when a wayward family member was choosing a lifestyle that was breaking my heart. I have prayed it over other friends experiencing meltdowns similar to my own, and, every time, the Lord has faithfully met us in our despair with these very specific words of correction and direction. As you say, our default response to crises must be to go straight to the Throne of Grace, even though we’re tempted to get on the phone, lose our heads or zone out. May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be yours today. Love, Phyllis

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