you stick to it!

Last night marked just over a year.

That’s right. One + years of Hudson having the most amazing health ever– no trips to ER for one year. No asthma attacks for one year. No prednisolone for one year. No antibiotics for one year. No hospital stays for one year.

Last year, I asked God for one year for Hudson.

In January, He answered with this word: “Breakthrough.”
I laughed at Him and told Him that only charismatic, super weird people lived their lives based on a word for the year.

He challenged me by giving me that word CONSISTENTLY for days. It finally soaked in.

So we lived like it. We lived as if we were in “Breakthrough” mode.

We cancelled 5 of his specialists and doctors except his GP, Neurosurgeon and Respirologist.

I took the kids and we marched “Jericho-style” around our home for 7 days and blew our toilet paper roll trumpets to mark the destruction of the walls around our hearts and minds- to begin the conquering of the challenges we had each submitted to God… spelling, reading, health, and fear.

We have all see INCREDIBLE triumphs in each of these areas.

But today I want YOU to celebrate with US in our area of VICTORY! WE got our YEAR! Hudson went to the ER last night with a nasty fever, but he’s perfectly well this morning. (Thank you Jesus!)

We also were told by his Grade one teacher that we no longer need his IEP because he has CRUSHED his anxiety issues and is able to participate FULL TIME with no issues in learning. (In fact, he’s almost the top of his class! with NO language issues at all! He’s gobbling up the french language!) HA! Miracles ARE happening here!!!!!

ALL THIS FOR GOD’S GLORY! How can He personally give you a promise and then not keep it??? HE IS GOOD!

And, we continue to move in Jesus to slay the giants that are before us still.
So cheer with us as we ask still for full healing of this tumour Hudson has. Pray with us as we keep listening to God’s voice and His guidance for this next year of life.

And if you have an ear, and hear God’s voice speaking to you- JUST STICK WITH IT, and LIVE LIKE YOU MEAN IT!


3 thoughts on “you stick to it!

  1. It brought tears to my eyes as I read the list of all the things God has done for your family this year!! It truly was a year of miracles!!

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