Abel vs Cain.


How did I miss it????

Today’s blog might be brief, might be nothing, might be everything.

Abel was the brother of Cain. They were birthed by Adam and Eve.

Abel offered up a pure lamb, a sacrifice which God accepted and was pleased by.

Cain offered up the first of his vegetables, the best he had, but God was not pleased. God said it wasn’t enough.

So Cain looked at Abel, and instead of asking Abel to help him, to share a lamb with him, and to learn from him how to please God, Cain decided to kill Abel out of anger, jealousy and spite. He was determined that his offering should be just as good as Abel’s, but it was not.

If Cain couldn’t have God’s favour, then no one could.

Guess what?

Jesus was born of Adam’s line. So were we all. He was called a lamb. He offered up Himself, as the Son (representing Abel), as the child of God to be a pleasing sacrifice, and He was accepted. He and He alone was a pleasing sacrifice. And we, like Cain, killed Him.

Nothing we (as represented by Cain) could offer would ever be good enough. Even if we were like the Pharisees- perfect in every single one of the laws that God has given. All of it would be tainted by our hearts motives, our imperfections, our violence and greed, and God saw through it all.

We didn’t offer ourselves to Him so that we could be made pure.

We offered so we could get more. (Let’s get rich because He’ll like us more if we sacrifice and will bless us.)

We offered so we could be more. (Let’s have more power, because He’ll give us more influence if we establish that we are the perfect ones who know the ways of God best.)

We offered to feel good. (Let’s have God reward us and make us feel good about us being so good, so obedient, addicted to positive feedback, not goodness itself.)

We failed to see that He could see through us like a parent sees through a child who is trying to manipulate them.

We have determined that we are good enough. If we do the laws of religion, we are good enough. If we help others and live with good karma, we are good enough. If we spend life looking at love and kindness and empty out ourselves and become nothing, we will be erased, and good enough. If we just live decent and don’t kill everyone around us, we are probably good enough, right?

WE ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH. We have vegetables.

We need a lamb. How can we get one?

Jesus did not manipulate God. His offering was simple. Pure. Serving others, not Himself.
Cain (Us) needed to imitate Able, but couldn’t, because his heart had no other way to follow. All he knew was burning envy, lust for power, intense guilt and frustration, and thwarted curiosity.

How GREAT is the love of God to offer on our behalf?! To accept Jesus’s offering as pleasing, and to welcome us (because of Him) into that pleasure and goodwill?

When we believe in Jesus, it’s like saying: “I don’t have anything but vegetables, but Jesus said I could share his lamb- I am offering with Him, because of Him, and by Him. He provided for me. It was better than my vegetables.”

He is the lamb we needed. We are in, God is pleased, because Jesus offered.


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