Give Thanks!

Just a simple reminder for everyone today:

We CAN give thanks TO God, no MATTER the circumstance.We don’t have to thank God FOR the circumstance, but we can find Him as a source of thankfulness.

I am practicing this everyday, and it is slowly changing my heart, my outlook, my life.

So, give thanks IN EVERYTHING, for this is the will of God through Christ Jesus for you. (1 Thessalonians 5:18)

God transforms us and those around us through our thankful attitudes.

Can’t give thanks? Ask, and you will receive. (John 16:24)

How do you know that you will receive a thankful heart if you ask?

Because, it is God’s WILL for YOU! Of course He’ll help you. Of course He’ll journey with you to this place. Of course He’ll give you eyes to see.

Our family is learning to practice thanks! No matter the season. No matter what.

Right now, Hudson is well, and we are thankful!

His MRI came back stable in February! Thanks be to God who sustains and holds us!

His ENT said no surgery! Thanks be to God, who didn’t have us walk that road!

His Respirologist agreed with no surgery because anaesthetic can come with some neurological risks that they are just publishing with reasonable certainty now. Thanks be to God who has kept Hudson from being under for all of his MRI’s! What a blessing!

His school is working on a plan to help him overcome his anxiety and manage the massive leap he needs to make to be a full time student. Thanks be to God for an SK teacher who will tutor him on his own twice a week to see him excel!

Thanks be to God for a church to celebrate with!

Thanks be to God for a country to declare His name in!
Thanks be to God for friends!
Thanks be to God for rubber, which keeps our feet dry on wet days!

Thanks be to God!

There is an infinite list….

I wonder what’s on yours???


4 thoughts on “Give Thanks!

  1. My dear daughter you are an inspiration to me and many around you. Thanks for the timely reminder!!

    Love always!

    Blessings, Sue Watts


  2. Giving thanks with you! I just heard this…….”Trust fuels thanksgiving, and thanksgiving activates peace.” May the grace and peace of the Lord Jesus Christ continue to be in
    your hearts.

    1. So thankful for the great news about Hudson. No operation is the best! Now he needs to be set free from all trauma and shock he experienced physically, mentally, and emotionally from all the the medical testing he has been through. This will bring Hudson freedom to walk confidently into the future and allow him to move into his potential. That will be my new prayer for him.

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