A New Year.

Yesterday the snow fell softly. It was the stillest, most silent day.

All the trees were bearing the weight of the feathery soft flakes that made the whole forest look Narnian.

And I got to walk in it. I got to lift my eyes and feel snow on my eyelashes.

It was magical. White. Cold. Still.

And very, very sleepy. Everything was tucked in under a blanket of brilliant white.

It made me think of gratitude-audacious thankfulness despite the cold.

There was a warm home waiting with a roaring woodstove. There were family inside, bursting with life in them. There was food to be shared.

Winter is a time of rest. A time for the soul to be still. A time to reflect.

And I love the juxtaposition of the summer and winter.

Hudson health journey has thrown us as parents into the seasons of the soul.

Lately, it’s been a growth season for Hudson.

We purposed this year to explore all avenues of health and see if we could uncover what was keeping him chronically ill.

He saw an ENT who found enlarged tonsils and adnoids, and suspected sleep apnea. This brings us sleep tests and tonsil-adnoid surgery in the spring sometime.

He saw a psychiatrist at the hospital to help him with managing his emotions and fears around his health. This has brought him a wonderful art therapist and child life specialist who meet and entertain him everytime we are in London.

He saw an oncological naturopath who preventatively has been assisting in building his immune system and nutritionally fortifying him. This has lead to 8 straight weeks of health for Hudson-even when his sister brought home the flu.

He was given an IEP for his SK year at school. This has given him the time he needs to build his stamina, adjust to being away from mom, and reduce his exposure to illnesses.

He was given a mom and dad who care about his health and spiritual welfare, and have tried to help him understand Jesus. This has led him to asking Jesus to forgive him, live with him, and be his friend forever on Dec 6.

Finally, he met with his neurosurgeon in November and it was decided that his tumour looks stable and he doesn’t need another MRI until April.

And Hudson is loving this time of year. He is conquering his fears, he is learning to live life even when life is complicated with doctors.

He even went to the nursing home with to visit great grandma and let the little old ladies kiss and touch him! Unheard of!

We welcome this time of growth and rest-rest for our parent souls, and growth for our son.

And we urge you, that no matter where you find yourself-under the weight of accumulated sorrows, out in the cold, staring at a frosty life, or in the home, surrounded by goodness-find Jesus. He is with you. He goes before you. He is behind you. Or He is like Aslan-waiting for you to find for Him in a world that is new and uncertain to you.


One thought on “A New Year.

  1. Thanks Gen, Really appreciate your update. Praying for you and Andrew, Hudson, Alex and ‘Livy. We love you all. Keep your eyes on Jesus.πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

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